Work With People, Not Software

At MHMI we pride ourselves on our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced team. We care about your practice and want to make sure you are getting paid for all your hard work. We understand the important work you do and we want you to be able to focus on your patients and let us worry about the paperwork. 


Spend only a few minutes a day managing all of your billing needs. Our team does all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on building your practice and your patient’s needs.


Our electronic claims submission means quicker processing & faster payments. Our prompt follow-up process ensures quick turn around from both patient billing and insurance claims.


We understand how important it is to be properly reimbursed for your time. MHMI will pursue the highest payment from insurance carriers and patients on delinquent bills helping to maximize your income.

This is what you can expect your billing cycle to look like as a mental health professional. As your practice grows the complexity in billing can grow.

MHMI can simplify and streamline the billing process. You provide the information to us and we handle the rest.

Mental Health Billing Is A Specialty

The billing process for mental health professionals has challenges that are unique and specific to this field. We have spent years updating and perfecting our process to ensure we are providing the highest level of support to our clients. We help mental health professionals across the United States by allowing them to forget about the complicated billing process and to focus on helping their clients.

Maximize Your Income

In order to provide our clients with prompt payments, MHMI files all of your insurance claims on a weekly basis. Our service includes filing primary, secondary and tertiary claims to collect the largest possible amount from insurance carriers. This will provide you with greater revenue and will save your patients money.

Woman Using Calculator

No New Software

Folder of Paid Invoices

Our team of friendly client advocates are here to help. There’s no need to learn new complicated software. With MHMI, you get to work with people, not computers. We take a vested interest in your success and want to help your business thrive. 

Monthly Reports

Each month MHMI will provide you with detailed reports that allow you to keep track of your practice and individual patients’ accounts. These reports allow you to see individual aging for each of your patients’ accounts and also show you the patients’ share of the bill.

Our Comprehensive Billing Service Includes:

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